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Hit USA Radio is an aggressively growing Internet based radio station that has carved out a niche for itself by taking a grass roots approach in order to build partnerships and collaborations that serve the community as well as building a strong online presence by focusing our efforts on consistent marketing campaigns.

We pride ourselves in being an internet based radio station that is creating its very own unique lane.  With everything we are involved in from the station programming to Hit USA Radio events we put on, our priority is people.  

All of our shows shows have been strategically programmed to showcase local talent, sociopolitical activism, brands, businesses. etc. to keep in alignment with the station's primary goal- to serve the community.

Hit USA Radio has been compared to an iHeart radio station because of its' look, feel, and sound but what sets Hit USA Radio apart is the programming.  The music that is put into rotation is not based on whether or not it is a top 40's hit.   We play good music from top 40's, old school, hip-hop, neo-soul, r&b, jazz, independent artists, etc. Our programming has plenty of variety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In closing, Hit USA Radio is a dynamic Internet based radio station that is community focused with a global reach.

Downtown Chicago
"The Hottest Radio Station In Chicago"


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